Kolachi Heritage Stencils Kit

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Bring out the natural artist in you!

Kit contents:

1 Luxury Cone
Size 5-6 inches.
Contains 25-30gms natural henna.
Each cone covers 3-5 sides of the hand.
Stays fresh up to 6 months in the freezer.

1 Care Balm
Weight 20-25ml.
Apply after removing henna to protect & enhance stain.
Great as a skin moisturizer, cuticle or lip balm.
Can be used for up to 1 year.

Heritage Stencils
6 sheets of reusable stencil stickers.
12 feature motifs.
24 complementing motifs.
Use interchangeably to create unlimited designs.


Everyone is #aNaturalArtistWithKolachi.
Revive tradition and celebrate culture as you bring out the natural artist in you, using the skin as a canvas for design. Heritage Stencils by Kolachi Mehndi is a collection of stencils which draw inspiration from the bold hand painted motifs of Pakistani Truck Art, the geometric hand quilted patterns of Rilli, and the ornamental work of Kashi Kari which adorns places of reverence significant in Islamic culture all over Pakistan. Each design is carefully customized to make it distinctive and wearable on skin– on its own, or as part of a larger composition.

Kolachi Luxury Cone is a premium product made with a proprietary signature blend of certified triple-sifted henna powders, therapeutic grade essential oils combined to provide the best stain results. Luxury Cone has a super smooth consistency which ensures precise application for intricate as well as bold designs and a dark stain in less time on a majority of skin types. For best results keep on skin for 3 hours.

Apply Care Balm after removing the henna paste to help protect and enhance the henna stain. For best results use this all-natural oil based balm on the fresh henna stain immediately after the henna paste is removed. Continue using Care Balm to keep the henna stain moisturized and protected to help it last much longer.

Follow the detailed directions provided on the folder containing stencils.

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With 1 Luxury Cone + Balm, With 2 Luxury Cones + Balm