1 Luxury + 1 Classic


The most economical option.

Cone Size 5-6 Inches.
Contains 25-30gms natural henna.
Each cone covers 3-5 sides of the hand.
Stays fresh up to 6 months in the freezer.
Use Luxury Cone anywhere on the skin.
Use Classic Cone on the inside of the palm.


Kolachi Luxury Cone stains darker and deeper, much quicker and has an ultra-fine tip of 0.38mm. It has a super smooth consistency which ensures precise application for intricate as well as bold designs and a super dark stain in less time on a majority of skin types. Use Kolachi Luxury Cone anywhere on the skin with proper aftercare for best results.

Kolachi Classic Cone is a budget cone, which stains lighter and has a tip of 0.5mm tip. Classic Cone stains better on the inside of the palm rather than other areas of the skin. Use Kolachi Classic Cone on the inside of the palm, keep for a longer duration and follow good aftercare for best results.

Instruction card comes with the cones.
For further details see FAQs.