What is the difference between Luxury and Classic Cone?

Kolachi Luxury & Classic Cones have different formulas; both are Pure, Natural & Chemical-free™.

Luxury Cone stains darker and deeper, much quicker and has an ultra-fine tip of 0.38mm. It is a premium product made with a proprietary signature blend of certified triple-sifted henna powders, therapeutic grade essential oils combined to provide the best stain results. Kolachi Luxury Cone has a super smooth consistency which ensures precise application for intricate as well as bold designs and a super dark stain in less time on a majority of skin types.

Classic Cone is a budget cone, which stains lighter and has a fine tip of 0.5mm tip. Made from a combination of triple-sifted henna powders and multiple essential oils it is an economical option for those who want to use natural henna. Kolachi Classic Cone stains better on the inside of the palm rather than other areas of the skin. To see pictures and for further differences and details, please click here.

What is the purpose of the Care Balm?

Applying Care Balm after removing the henna paste helps protect and enhance the henna stain.

For best results it should be used on the fresh henna stain immediately after the henna paste is removed and exposed to water. It is an all-natural oil based product which gives the fresh henna stain the moisture and warmth it needs to stain better. Continue using Care Balm to keep the henna stain moisturised and protected to help it last much longer. It can be stored at room temperature. Our Care Balm has no expiration date so you can enjoy using it for as long as you like.

Once your henna stain fades away, you can continue to use the Care Balm as a skin moisturiser, a cuticle balm or even a lip balm! 

Do you ship all over the world? I am not in Pakistan, how can I get natural mehndi?

Since natural henna is a perishable product we do not deliver & ship outside Pakistan.

However our cones have travelled all over the world with people in their luggage and have stayed perfectly fine and stained well. So you can order some if and when you or someone you know visits Pakistan! However, if you really need mehndi urgently, send a direct message on Instagram requesting the same and we can help you find natural henna suppliers in your area.

How will I get a dark henna stain? Does this cone have a dark color? 

Please read the instruction card which comes with the cones and follow details mentioned on it to get the most out of your natural henna experience.

Kolachi Luxury Cone is our darker staining premium blend. A majority of people get a dark stain with Kolachi Luxury Cone. However, natural henna stain depends on multiple factors, the most important of which is the aftercare you follow. If you want a very dark cherry black stain, you have to follow excellent aftercare!

Apply Kolachi Mehndi on clean washed skin, free of oils and lotion. Ensure that you keep the henna paste on for as long as possible. Stay warm and steam the dry mehndi areas while paste is on and after removing. Steaming the dry henna is the MOST important tip to achieve a dark stain. After removing the paste avoid water for at least 3-4 hours as water arrests the stain development.  After scraping the henna apply Care Balm or any oil such as coconut, almond, olive, or mustard seed.

Natural henna develops from a faint orange to a deep maroon or dark cherry stain over a period of 48 hours.

Enjoy this fascinating process of the changing shades of natural henna!

Have a look at @kolachimehndi highlights Tips for additional pictures and videos of how to achieve a great stain.

How soon should I order if I need the cones by a certain date? What is the delivery time?

Kolachi Mehndi stays fresh for up to 6 months in the freezer.

You can store them in your own freezer so you don’t have to worry about the date you will receive them. The pin must remain in the cone and the product must be frozen properly to ensure continued quality. Some people also use them after 7-9 months and have reported being satisfied with the results. However, the recommended use is up to 6 months if stored properly. Just remove from the freezer and keep at room temperature 10-15 minutes before use. Re-freeze and use multiple times till paste consistency and stain results are satisfactory.

Please allow at least 2-3 business days for order processing and delivery.

To ensure timely delivery during Eid rush and wedding season, please order well in advance (2-4 weeks) to avoid any disappointment.

Can I order only 1 Cone?

Sorry, no single cone deliveries. Minimum order amount must be over Rs.1000.

You can purchase any of the following packages:

1 Luxury + 1 Classic

2 Luxury Cones

1 Luxury + 1 Balm

Why does the Cone size look smaller than store bought cones?

Kolachi Cones may look small but they have more henna than chemical cones.

Each cone is approximately 5-6”. Since the cones are handmade they may differ slightly in size but each cone contains  approximately 25-30gms henna which is more than enough to do at least 3-5 sides of the hand. The cone is smaller in size for ease of holding. When you try it you will be surprised to see how much henna coverage each cone gives!

Why is it more expensive than market chemical cones?

When you buy an inexpensive market chemical cone, you are most likely buying a dye filled cone containing harmful and toxic chemicals such as carbolic acid, turpentine, gasoline and petroleum. These toxic chemical cones are not just extremely risky and dangerous, but also end up costing a lot more when they react and burn the skin and leave long-lasting marks.

We use the best ingredients to provide you Pure, Natural, Chemical-free™ mehndi.

The cost of ingredients that are a part of making a good quality natural henna cone is very high. Premium quality ingredients including certified henna powders and therapeutic grade essential oils cost a lot which is why the cost of production is extremely high and the profit margins low.

Every part of the process is done by hand with a lot of care and effort; from the mixing of the paste to cone rolling, filling, sealing, packaging and then dispatching.

Kolachi Classic Cone is one of the most economical and budget friendly natural henna cones available in Pakistan. However, we would love for you to try our premium quality Kolachi Luxury Cone so you never think about opting for any other mehndi!

Do you guarantee a dark stain?

If you follow the instructions which come with the cones and the tips in highlights on the Kolachi Mehndi page you should get a rich stain. However, natural henna stain depends on multiple things including body chemistry, skin temperature, blood circulation, how long henna is on skin and the aftercare. We cannot guarantee something which depends on these multiple variables, but you can see @kolachimehndi highlights Reviews and Henna Stains to see updates from plenty of other clients. Alhamdolilah, a majority of people are able to get a rich and dark henna stain with our Luxury Cone.

I took off my mehndi after 5 hours, why is it still light orange?

Natural henna darkens with time. If your mehndi is orange and barely visible please don’t worry at all. The instruction card you receive with the cones also has pictures which show the gradual process of henna stain development. There are multiple other similar pictures on @kolachimehndi highlight Shades of Natural Henna. Enjoy this transformative process, as the henna oxidizes and matures from a light orange stain to a rich maroon or dark cherry stain over a period of 2 days.

Do you have Red, Black or White Mehndi?

We have only Pure, Natural, Chemical-free™ mehndi which stains differently on different skin types depending on the duration henna paste is kept on skin and its aftercare.

Red, black and white cones are all chemical based, harmful and toxic for the skin. Please refrain from using these chemical mixes and do not risk your health. You can enjoy the fascinating and therapeutic process of the changing shades of natural henna when you use Kolachi Mehndi. Please view highlights titled Luxury/Classic and Henna Stains to  see the different shades of natural henna that can be achieved with proper aftercare.

I want the stain to be dark on a certain day, when should I apply the Mehndi?

Peak henna stain is at 48 hours. Please apply it accordingly before that. Detailed instructions come with the cones and some additional information can be found under @kolachimehndi highlights Tips. Have a look at that for detailed information on how to achieve a good stain!

How long will the henna stain last? How soon will it fade?

Natural henna usually stays on the palm for 7-10 days during which it goes through an initial maturing process which takes 48 hours and then a gradual fading process.

If skin is kept moisturised the henna stain lasts much longer. Skin layers renew naturally over the period of a few days, and the henna stain appearance gets lighter. This fading process depends on multiple factors including how dark the stain gets in the initial 48 hours, aftercare of the stain, and skin type and skin regeneration speed.

Is Kolachi Mehndi “Organic”?

Our products are completely Pure, Natural, Chemical-free™.

In Pakistan the word “Organic” has become synonymous with “Natural”.

“Organic” is a term used for farming methods which ensure multiple factors in the growing process of crops and the further processing of all ingredients in a product. Using the word Organic in place of Natural is a misrepresentation.

Our henna powders are certified and essential oils are therapeutic grade. Each ingredient used to make Kolachi Mehndi is completely Pure, Natural and Chemical-free™!

If suppliers claim their products are organic, please confirm the basis on which such a claim is made. Are they actually implying that their product is natural and chemical-free? Do they mean all ingredients in their product, including sugar and essential oils are certified “organic”? In Pakistan the trend is to use chemical-henna and emergency cones and Kolachi Mehndi has worked very hard to raise awareness about the harmful effects of these chemicals and help people revert to natural mehndi. Let’s begin using the correct terms along with right practice to raise ourselves to worldwide standards!

Kolachi Mehndi has clearly stated since the first day that our cones are pure, natural and chemical-free™ made from certified henna powders (out of which some are USDA Certified Organic) and the rest are henna powders from reputable suppliers. These powders are mixed with therapeutic grade essential oils and other ingredients such as sugar and water which make our cones completely PURE, NATURAL & CHEMICAL-FREE ™.

However, if you have any known allergies to pollen and plants, sensitivity or skin conditions such as eczema, please do a patch test before applying to ensure your peace of mind & safety.