Luxury Gift Set


The perfect set for a bride-to-be or gift for a loved one!

Cone Size 5-6 Inches.
Contains 25-30gms natural henna.
3-5 cones used for elbow length bridal henna application.
Cones stay fresh up to 6 months in the freezer.
Care Balm 20-25ml.
Store Care Balm at room temperature.


5 Luxury Cones and a Care Balm are packaged in a beautiful keepsake gift box to make your Kolachi Mehndi experience a memorable one. More than enough for elbow length mehndi and elaborate feet design; this set was made keeping brides in mind. Depending on the design, you may even have a spare cone to share with some from the bridal party!

Please ensure that you keep the henna paste on for a prolonged duration and follow excellent aftercare to get a bridal quality stain which lasts through the duration of all your events. apply 24-48 hours before event as natural henna stain matures gradually. The color develops from a light orange to deep maroon or dark cherry over 2 days.

Apply Care Balm after removing the henna paste to help protect and enhance the henna stain. For best results use this all-natural oil based balm on the fresh henna stain immediately after the henna paste is removed. Continue using Care Balm to keep the henna stain moisturized and protected to help it last much longer. It can be stored at room temperature. Our Care Balm has no expiration date so you can enjoy using it for as long as you like.

Do read the instruction card carefully and follow all details because happy brides are the best brides!

Instruction card comes with the cones.
For further details see FAQs.