Care Balm


The must-have product to ensure great aftercare!

Care Balm 20-25ml.
Store at room temperature.
Enhance and protect henna stain.
No expiration date.
Use as a moisturizing balm.


Care Balm is an all-natural oil based balm made with a blend of natural oils and essential oils which gives the fresh henna stain the moisture and warmth it needs to stain better.

Apply Care Balm after removing the henna paste to help protect and enhance the henna stain. For best results it should be used on the fresh henna stain immediately after the henna paste is removed. Continue using Care Balm to keep the henna stain moisturized and protected and help it last much longer.

Store care balm at room temperature. If you are in an excessively hot climate, you can also refrigerate it. Our Care Balm has no expiration date so you can enjoy using it for as long as you like.

Once your henna stain fades away, you can continue to use the Care Balm as a skin moisturizer, a cuticle balm or even a lip balm!

Instruction card comes with the cones.
For further details see FAQs.