2 Luxury Cones


The best option when you don’t want to compromise on the Kolachi Mehndi experience!

Cone Size 5-6 Inches.
Contains 25-30gms natural henna.
Each cone covers 3-5 sides of the hand.
Stays fresh up to 6 months in the freezer.


Luxury Cone stains darker and deeper, much quicker and has an ultra-fine tip of 0.38mm. It is a premium product made with a proprietary signature blend of certified triple-sifted henna powders, therapeutic grade essential oils combined to provide the best stain results.

Kolachi Luxury Cone has a super smooth consistency which ensures precise application for intricate as well as bold designs and a super dark stain in less time on a majority of skin types.

Kolachi Luxury Cone has deep maroon and burgundy undertones. It stains a deep red-maroon if paste is kept for 3 hours on skin, and can stain an almost cherry black if henna paste is kept for a prolonged duration and followed by excellent aftercare.

Instruction card comes with the cones.
For further details see FAQs.